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Things I've Wanted To Tell You
I heard gunshots outside my window
twice this week.
I wonder how many more times
I'm going to hear it
and if it will ever be me
that the demons catch unguarded?
I plucked all the hairs that consists
of eyebrows. I feel middle-school-small
and what I really need is someone
to convince me I'm beautiful.
I'm keeping quiet
because I don't think I could
handle it if you
asked why.
I've been a little scared of my snake
since I watched him crush
the mouse in his coils,
rubbing his nose along the fur
of its limp body.
He does the same to me,
and I wonder if he's
trying to kill me
or thinks I'm already dead.
:iconjoufancyhuh:joufancyhuh 7 4
The Things He Said About Sean Were Worse
Your voice follows me like a ghost,
the love I never wanted but
did everything to gain.
you're doing this wrong
why are you so stupid
you can't do anything right
like your mother
next time, don't tell anyone
just do it.
:iconjoufancyhuh:joufancyhuh 4 2
I connect your
like astrology,
a constellation
  on your
ambered skin
to tell me
who you are,
honeyed skin
tasting of the sun,
on my tongue
 We worship
  with our
your movements
trailing stardust
 in the dark.
Copernicus didn't account
for your celestial body
  that shines
when there is no sun.
  The tenth planet
in which I am your moon
circling your nakedness
with the hunger of wolves.
:iconjoufancyhuh:joufancyhuh 11 11
we have monsters in our heads,
my brother and I.
voices that tell us to kill ourselves,
that this world is better without us.
they all have your voice,
in case you were wondering
why I left.
:iconjoufancyhuh:joufancyhuh 5 6
Assisted Suicide By World War 3
I keep
for a
  b   m
Charred bone
with chunks of muscle
still dangling
won't care
how much weight
you lost last week
or how much
is in your
savings account.
What matters
     when you're
          SO close
     to death?
Does anything?
I'm just going to lie on my bed
and write poetry until the cloud
erases me from existence.
:iconjoufancyhuh:joufancyhuh 5 8
Kitty Pryde by joufancyhuh Kitty Pryde :iconjoufancyhuh:joufancyhuh 0 0 Just A Phase by joufancyhuh Just A Phase :iconjoufancyhuh:joufancyhuh 1 4
Marla Walker stopped at an ATM in the dead of night and withdrew all of her cash. Her younger brother, Nathan, followed her movement in the headlights from the passenger’s seat of her Honda Accord. His heart thrummed in his ears as he twisted his hands in his lap.
Marla shoveled money into her hoodie pockets and made her way back to the car. As she slid into the driver’s seat, she turned to him. “Are you sure you want to do this? There will be no going back.”
He pulled his hood over his head, leaning his forehead against the door frame. “Do I have a choice?”
She tossed him a pitying look, then shifted the car out of park. Nathan’s eyes blurred as the only town he knew passed them by in twisted shapes, the darkness calling out for them to go back. As they passed a set of cops sitting in a speed trap, he tilted his head in his sister’s direction. “Won’t they check your license plate and know?”
Marla smirked, pale green lig
:iconjoufancyhuh:joufancyhuh 3 7
he didn't have your face
but it was you,
oh god, was it you.
:iconjoufancyhuh:joufancyhuh 6 2
Ronceverte by joufancyhuh Ronceverte :iconjoufancyhuh:joufancyhuh 12 2 Space-Themed Doors by joufancyhuh Space-Themed Doors :iconjoufancyhuh:joufancyhuh 6 4
Good Enough
Good enough comes in a
6 foot 2 inch pretty boy
with freckles and enough Daddy issues
for ten seasons
(don't we all)
Good enough wears leather jackets
and listens to Blue Oyster Cult
in a 60s era black classic car
Good enough helps tune out
the voices and emotions
my life might be causing me
(side effects may be)
Good enough cocoons,
outside world be damned,
plans are cancelled once again
Good enough loves someone else,
another boy with dark hair
and blue eyes, kinda like me
Good enough cuts in between
commercial breaks
just in time to cut me out
(is life on the couch actually living)
:iconjoufancyhuh:joufancyhuh 7 12
Twenty five feels a lot
like twenty four,
though with more righteous
That may speak
for the times
Twenty five feels a lot
like I'm wasting
Where have the years gone?
Was the last time
I was in love
really six year ago?
Twenty five feels a lot
like unwanted
phone calls.
My mother keeps
asking for
Who am I dating?
Does she care
that I don't believe
in a failed marriage>
Twenty five feels a lot
like drowning.
All the promises
of tomorrow
have led to a
heavier waistline.
Is it tomorrow
Twenty five feels a lot
like goodbye.
So long to
it's time
to get
your life
:iconjoufancyhuh:joufancyhuh 8 5
This Land Is MY Land
Keep your breaths to yourself,
hushed condensation as you invade my mind again.
I am not your property anymore.
Your staked flag will burn away with my last name,
the deed for my body signed to me.
:iconjoufancyhuh:joufancyhuh 7 2
Life In Boxes
I have to narrow my life down to ten boxes.
It's surprising how attached you get
to something as simple as a mug you stole from Dennys
or the fork from a college you would've gone to,
had you the money or the grades.
It's like a self portrait out of tupperware,
finding your face in a pile of blankets
or a book you could've loved,
had you the time to read.
:iconjoufancyhuh:joufancyhuh 19 8
Anywhere But Here
My heart is set on anywhere but Baltimore.
Brochures and magazine ads advertise anywhere.
Anywhere was offered to me as a quiet lake town
in Wisconsin, but I require tall buildings in my anywhere.
An anywhere that doesn’t feel like a pothole I just
can’t climb out of. An anywhere that doesn’t reek
of Old Bay and crabs, permeating the skin of every person
I meet. Anywhere has the voice of my friend,
calling me on the phone at four am and begging for me to come visit.
Anywhere could be with her in Utah, but it shouldn’t be
a small town. Suburbs if I want it anywhere.
A city and sunflower type of anywhere.
Firefly covered summer nights anywhere.
Anywhere was supposed to be Kansas City.
I’m thinking New York City anywhere.
I don’t want to meet anyone I know anywhere.
Anywhere can leave the United States, I’m not attached.
Anywhere that speaks in languages I can’t comprehend,
food in names I can’t pronounce.
Perpetual autumn anywhere. I
:iconjoufancyhuh:joufancyhuh 6 2

Random Favourites

You never loved
You never loved
(Which is why I remain
a reader, and you -- you
became a poet
:iconnycterent:nycterent 48 56
Coke en Stock 06 by yanshee Coke en Stock 06 :iconyanshee:yanshee 26 1
Poem Share + Hypothyroidism
this last day of April, with rain
by Ashley Loper
Found on The Rising Phoenix Review
The bullfrogs
cloaked inside memories of an earlier thunder
are singing their low midnight anthem.
My body is chanting too.
Knee-deep in the loam and moonlight
I grasp into the fecund dark
for some profound words to startle myself sane.
What offering can I bring to this night
like it is mine to name?
a half-unwrapped longing
the tender crack of bent wrist
this delicate devouring of my own sorrow
I wet my lips
while the Moon pulls herself into fullness
while the frogs find their purpose
and every night-blooming flower
opens with gratitude
at the mere mention of shadows.
Seriously impressed with that girl's use of vocab. I mean, how often does someone use 'loam' and 'fecund' without sounding utterly ridiculous? :) 
I've got a new diagnosis to add to my growing list of ailments, but this one actually comes as a bit of
:iconliliwrites:LiliWrites 2 17
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Awesome Art Feature
Here is a feature for art that inspires me   Thank you so much guys for all your comments and favorites!!! ..heart balloons I humbly request you to join my new formed group LoveThyArtwork and submit your artworks there!:) -:iconlovethyartwork:  Give it to me Cute Emoticon Blushing :heartemote: :heartyfaint: :HeartGlomp: salmon heart bullet love-love-love :flirty: 
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2017 Art features - DIGITAL.
Thumbnail gallery feature of DIGITAL art I love and want to share!
Limiting this journal feature to just 5 categories.
Also wanted to keep the art thumbs in line and creating a pretty gallery of art,
sorry if you didn't get featured if you posted in my forum. Maybe next time! 
Please enjoy my selection!
Beautifully painted

Gorgeous anime styled

Lily Moon by RanqiLi2016123 by k-en

Mocha Truffle Full Body by CrimsonQueen97Hanamaru and You by HichiyanCommission: Ganymede by 3ciachu12142016 by pindangliciousYOUNG GENJI by GAiTOsanUri-pe and little birdie by swordmasterqueen
Super cool

What's up by Ony-bThe Wild Bunch by toniinfanteusagi by Chaotic-MuffinPulmo by h-ydeWaterfall by mate2priit
:iconvelsinte:Velsinte 11 30
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Word Meat Issue 3: Special Edition

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 18, 2017, 6:45 PM

What does that entail? 
Poetry too small for the usual Word Meat article.
One of the unique aspects to Word Meat are the clips from the poem.
So how do you remedy that ?
How about one word? 
I pick the word I deem the most powerful from our bit poems and post them below. 

(un)conditionalIt scares me, the prospect of loving you,
because I'm afraid I won't always do it the right way;
that you'll expect unconditional and trust fall
into my shallow ends

Unconditional by  SoundlessWhispers

open mouth/closed authority empty liquid and
whole bread; a shallow coffin
of dried meats
for us.

open mouth/closed authority by TristanCody

For ScienceBrought toaster to bathtub.
Shocking results.

For Science by saltwaterlungs

Dust specksAnd the moth´s spectre
walks, insomniac,
through the screen.

Dust specks by oviedomedina

ground zeroi could hear your one-
two breathing,
slowly closing in
the remaining three
inches between us--
for five seconds, you paused
in the dark.
six, we touched noses until
we search for seven.

ground zero by crimsonletters

You never loved</i>
You never loved
(Which is why I remain
a reader, and you -- you
became a poet

You never loved by nycterent

HorizonsScarcely within earshot,
the gentle summer storm
is but an echo.
Miles away,
someone else's sky
is shaking.

Horizons by hopeburnsblue

Once BittenI'm writing about you
My phantom limb,
my phantom heart.  
I reach for you before
the memories hit
and hit hard.
Like before,
fear swirls in my blood.

Once Bitten by TheChesherCat

on the outside, i am a mirror lake, reflecting.i lack the depth that all poets inevitably fall into. it has been years.
yes, i am aware that this is no fast-food service, but i'm hungry for the void.
not to seem like an impatient customer, but where is my depth, oh god, oh poetry god?

on the outside, i am a mirror lake, reflectiing. by angelserum

MuseFragile demons haunt
lone ghost photographs, reflect
memories: threadbare.

Muse by LadyLincoln

About This Feature:
Not all literature has that first line to reel the reader in. This feature brings 10 writers to the board, with a link to their work and my favorite line from the piece. Suggestions are welcome in note format. This feature is a monthly occurrence. Poets can be repeated. Poems will not be. 


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